Gainesville Florida’s Current Music Scenario

Will Electronic Dance Music and other genres survive? 

Electronic Dance Music or EDM originated miles away from Florida. This genre was created in the 60’s in the dance clubs of the island country of Jamaica. Caribbean DJs or disc jockeys of the time put a twist to their normal sets by multi-laying reels of music. As this technique produced unique tunes that people started dancing to, many Jamaican locals named these collectively as “Dub Music.” In the US, the first breakthrough in EDM started a decade after the Dub Music phenomenon in Jamaica. Detroit-based DJ Frankie Knuckles, started the trend of playing music in clubs with the use of dual turntables and a mixer. Taking notes from his Caribbean counterparts, he began to mix two R&B records, and began playing with their tempos. To add more pizzazz to the music he plays, DJ Frankie added layers of percussion beats as well. This brand of sound thus made DJ Frankie Knuckles the “Godfather of House Music.”

What is Gainesville Florida’s Sound?

According to a article written by a former Gainesville resident Dante Lima, the music scene of the city is rather intimate compared to Miami and Florida. Since Gainesville is filled with quaint clubs and bars, local artists usually end up performing for fellow musicians, as many locals end up opting to listen to cover and mainstream bands. Although appreciation for local music seems to be limited, the city’s loyal music fans have access to a surprisingly diverse selection of genres such as EDM, Soul, Punk, Rock, and Folk.

Alternative Venues for Gainesville Artists

Since musical groups mostly rely on the support of the city’s artistic community, many have chosen to perform at college frat parties, music festivals in nearby cities, charity events, and even in poker rooms. One of the most popular alternative gig locations of Gainesville musicians is in the Ocala Poker and Jai-Alai, which is in nearby Reddick. One of this poker room’s luminaries, Charles “Chaz” Allen is a professional poker and blackjack dealer for over 40 years. He’s also known to put up his own dealer school that trains dealers who work in’s WPT or World Poker Tour, and WSOP or World Series of Poker tournaments. Another venue that many Gainesville

artists head off to is the highly-anticipated Ultra Music Festival, annually held in the Bayfront Park in nearby Miami. Now celebrating its 15th year, this EDM-centered and second largest musical event in the US has catapulted the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Kaskade, and Deadmau5 into global acclaim.

Support for Gainesville Music

If you think about it, spreading the city’s local music isn’t supposed to be “one way.” If musicians are willing to create more songs, locals should also put more effort into appreciating and promoting these local acts. After all, the whole music scene will only continue to thrive through continuous support.